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Full Service Design 

Experience the transformation of your home with our comprehensive full-service design. We provide both in-home and remote consultations, ensuring your vision is seamlessly executed from start to finish. Our services include detailed floor and space planning, custom cabinetry design, meticulous material selection, curated lighting choices, and home furnishings. With our dedicated project oversight, we manage every detail to bring your dream space to life with a personalized and professional approach.

New Construction

Embark on your new construction journey with confidence through our specialized construction design services. We provide comprehensive design packages that each trade can work from, ensuring seamless communication and coordination with all contractors and trades. Our services include detailed design plans, material specifications, design renderings, and custom solutions tailored to your vision. We advocate for our clients every step of the way, ensuring the design goes to plan and exceeds your expectations with a professional and dedicated approach.

Virtual Design 

Transforming your space is easy with our virtual design service. Answer a few questions about your style and needs, take some measurements and photos, and we'll handle the rest. We provide a shopping list, color swatches, and fabric samples tailored to your budget and lifestyle. Once your design is completed, you can begin purchasing. We are a call or click away if you have any questions.


The Process

Phase I: Inital Consultation and Concept Development 

This phase marks the beginning of our project journey, where we gather detailed information about your vision, functional requirements, and preferences. Your designer will develop the initial design concept, refining solutions. We'll collaborate closely to define project goals and deliverables, including mood boards, concept sketches, and initial color schemes.

Phase II: Design Development + Documentation

After finalizing the concept, your designer delves deeper into the details, addressing finishes, cabinetry designs, lighting locations, and more. This phase further refines the design with meticulous planning and detailed specifications. Expect comprehensive deliverables such as detailed floor plans, furniture layouts, material selections, 3D visualizations, technical drawings, specifications, and procurement lists. These documents are essential for guiding the construction, procurement, and installation processes, ensuring your project progresses smoothly from concept to completion.

Phase III: Design Presentation

During this phase, we present our refined design concepts and detailed plans to you. We discuss each element of the design, including finishes, furnishings, and spatial layouts, ensuring everything aligns perfectly with your vision and requirements. Through visual aids such as 3D renderings, mood boards, and material samples, we bring the design to life, allowing you to visualize the final result. This collaborative process ensures that every detail is meticulously reviewed and approved before moving forward, ensuring a cohesive and satisfying design experience.

Phase IV: Project Coordination and Procurement

If necessary, we provide project management services to oversee material procurement and coordinate with contractors, ensuring seamless execution aligned with the design vision.

Schedule a consultation to discuss different options and hear more about how we can help bring your vision come to life. 

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