Nailing down what exactly you are wanting to work on in your home project can be difficult to maneuver. Just like any project starting at the basics will to get you started on the right foot. 

This package is formulated for those who are ready for a change but just not ready to say "I do" to a large investment. 

Here we provide a professional hand in selecting a paint colour for your home, 

skipping the unnessecary mistakes and helping you achieve the look you always wanted. Hiring an interior designer that knows how colours work to help you achieve the look that inspires you. 

What we provide:

  • 1 Hour Design Consultation 

  • Up to 5 colour options

  • Colour Sample Boards 

  • Inspiration Design Board to help you envision your projects final look. 

  • Professional Detailed Design recommendations to help your project moving forward if needed. 

What we need from you:

  • Inspiration Images 

  • Description of desired room functionalities 

  • Photos of your space

     $ 115.50 (Tax Included) 

 ** Priced for a single family home** 


Space planning is an essential part of your home design that can make the difference between a livable and functional home. Creating an inviting space that maximizes your lifestyle and needs can be daunting! 


This is where we come in! After we understand your needs we then gather a few measurements and get to work providing you with a floor plan with up to 2 revisions that are scaled to size and provided to the client and any necessary  contractors required to execute the job!

This package is a great tool for kitchen & bathroom remodels, Rearranging of existing or new furniture, Entryway or mudroom renovations and any new additions including rental suites. 

What we provide:

  • Space planning for up to 1 room ( Each additional room would be an additional $179)

  • 2 hour Design Consultation where we talk about your needs & lifestyle requirements, and take required photos and measurements needed.

  • Primary Floor Plan is provided that is best suited for your homes space, flow and lifestyle

  • 2 revisions are offered 

  • Once approved the floor plan is scaled to size 

  • Digital and PDF Copies are offered to the clients and necessary contractors

What we need from you:

  • Inspiration Images 

  • Description of desired room functionalities 

  • Fill quick and easy design questionnaire

    $ 273.00 (tax included)

Initial Full Service Consulation & Hourly Rate

Needing to speak to a professional about your project but not sure where to begin? 

 Starting A New Build or Renovation

 Need Help from Design Concept To Completion 

 Need All New Furniture and Decor 

We start by setting up an initial consultation where we are able to meet one on one for up to 2 hours. Here you have the time to go into detail about your concerns and ask the necessary questions about your project. Once we have our initial design consultation and understand the full scope of your project you are able to take advantage of our $68.25/ hourly rate. Here you are able to get professional advice and ideas about your project without having to make a full commitment keeping you in complete control of cost and your budget.


If you are still needing a bit of help along the way with your project, that is no problem! We are a call or click away and always willing to come by to help problem solve and give professional design advice without taking the I out of DIY.


This is a great tool for those DIY professionals that are looking for extra advice in making key design decisions that will reflect in their projects overall outcome by maintaining a cohesive design and flow throughout their home



What we provide:

  • Up to 2 hour Design Consultation where we talk about your needs & lifestyle requirements, and we take photos and measurements needed if you require further advice or information. 

  • Here we answer any questions or design dilemmas and talk about your overall vision for the space and give as much advice & feedback as possible helping you navigate and workout any design dilemmas or obstacles you may face.

  • Keeping you in complete control of cost and your budget! The following is offered at our hourly rate:

  • Design Floor plans 

  • 2D Design Renderings

  • 3D Design Renderings

  • Visual Design Boards 

  • Follow up meetings 

What we need from you:

  • Inspiration Images 

  • Description of desired room functionalities 

  • Fill quick and easy design questionnaire

   Initial Design Consultation 


     $ 126.00 CAD (Tax Included)


   Hourly Rate:


     $ 68.25 (Tax Included) 


  ** Billing Process Design work is billed on an hourly basis. Invoices are sent monthly and a initial design consulation required to begin work. An estimate of design hours can be provided once we learn more about your project. **