The Biggest Design Advice That I Tell My Clients!

Updated: Apr 4

No one, tells you how important every piece is in a home until you are running through it knee deep and realize you are making huge decisions and need help! Usually when you start a renovation or new build, you work your way from the outside in and It can be so overwhelming! Remembering to keep your eye on the prize (and price!) can easily compromise the intended style and design of the entire project.

So for the first order of business, when it comes to the design and style of project the first thing you begin with is layout of course! Behind the layout is a hidden obstacle that you need to prepare yourself for and that is the window design! Keeping in mind the exterior AND interior design layout, as well as the optimal air flow and window grid design that compliments your overall design perfectly.

Here are a few tips to keep your mind at ease and allow you to stay focused on the budget breakers while maintaining a cohesive look.

Modern Window Grid Design

If you are leaning towards a more modern look or even a combination modern here are a few Grid designs to keep you on track.

Traditional Window Grid Design

When it comes to a more tradional appearance on a homes facade while still trying to keep a more Contempary appearance, the tricks can be more then fun to play with! Here are a few traditional grid designs that can boost your homes intended appearance and compliment not only the outside but continue the story on the inside.

Craftsman Cottage Window Grid Design

As they say, Windows are the eyes of the home. It is the first impression of the home and also a huge component to complimenting a home. When it comes to my designs, I put great importance to a homes window grid and placement. With a Craftsman cottage home, its is truly important not only what your windows look like but where they are placed.

Final tip

When it comes to the exterior design of any home, a bigger window is always better. Allowing more light in and creating a dramatic modern look! Larger windows are the way to go! During the summer months nothing beats a warm summer cross breeze better then an open window; allowing you to keep your house feeling fresh and airy all through summer!

Let me know If you have any questions or just leave a comment to say hello!

I always would love to hear from you!

Ashley B

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