8 Things to Consider When Buying Appliances

Updated: Apr 4

Here it is! The time has come and its time to pick out those appliances. It can be a super overwhelming and exciting time and maybe you don't know where to start? Well here are some tips to consider before you head straight to the field!

So lets start from the beginning.. When picking out your appliances for a new build or renovation we usually begin having to think about the type of appliances we are going to need pretty early on. We start thinking where we want these bad boys to be placed and how much room we even have for them. This can be a tricky subject because once you make this ultimate decision your day to day is effected by this big time. For example, how much space do you want to prepare food? Do you want to walk 5, 10, 15 steps to get to the fridge from the stove or do you want everything in close proximity but still maintaining that sleek clean design? The rule of thumb for appliances is usually keeping your appliances in a triangle layout so you can walk usually with the fewest steps from each station with out cramping up the design and optimizing your countertop space.

Time to take out that measuring tape and narrow down on some key decisions before you head to the store! First thing you need to decide is what is your lifestyle say about your needs? Do you like to entertain or have a big family? Or is it just the two of you for now and your considering to upgrade houses later when things start to get real? In this case, size really does matter..

Fridges can range from varying sizes so don't be fooled, look out for descriptions like "counter depth"- Meaning it is a shallow fridge and it can barley hold anything for an average size family. So if you or your builder is able to make room early on by furring out the wall and recessing the fridge a bit, a regular depth fridge can sit evenly with your cabinets and countertop and you don't have to sacrifice the space you need.

Another thing to look out for when shopping for appliances is CU.FT this stands for Cubic Feet, and is talking about the amount of space that you will have to work with in an appliance. In this case I'm talking fridge or fridge freezer combo. The average size of cu.ft in a fridge is 18 - 23.5 but this number easily fluctuates when it comes to the layout, design, and even brand of refrigerator. So its important to know how much space you will need to work with and then what style fridge you want to use. From there I would look through the different brands options that come in that style and I even recommend strolling through the store to get an idea of what 18 cu.ft looks like because it does change depending on the style of fridge you decide to go with.

In the case of wanting the best bang for resale its super important to consider the price point that your house is going to resell for in the future.. for example: keeping an eye out on prices of the homes selling around you. If they are on higher end you will want to keep your eye out for a good deal where you will find a higher brand name appliance with more special features on sale so it doesn't hurt you in the end. If your in a more modest neighbourhood more economical names will do specially if your on crunch for time and can't wait for those blow out deal days to come up.

Speaking of brand.. how do we know what brand is really the be